Beautiful and useful reports

Comprehensive reporting

As a parent or supporter, you can access full metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of the student to make sure you can help them to achieve their best. You can see specific questions that they got wrong and track their progress in real time.

Success is a team sport

Success is a team sport

We all know that students who have good support perform well. Exam Elf provides 3 easy ways to support your student. You can support with a simple virtual high five, messages of support or doing questions to help. Every interaction you do helps them progress in Exam Elf.

Fun, Bright and Interesting

Fun Math Learning

Fun characters, interesting theme songs and cute animations keep students engaged in Exam Elf as they progress through the game. Skills are learned as they unlock features and progress from basic preparation skills to the advanced levels.

Free? What's the catch?

     No Ads Ever! We Promise!

Exam Elf is a free download and free to play. We have no ads and never will. We do not collect any personally identifiable information on your children and never will. We cannot and would not sell data on your children.

For our initial launch, all features are unlocked and free. Some premium features, such as the advanced skills and the Strengths and Weaknesses report for parents will be locked for users who are not part of initial launch. However, you can get free unlock codes to use inside Exam Elf which unlocks the content. Once you have unlocked components, they will remain unlocked forever. After our initial launch, parents will need to pay a small fee to unlock the detailed reports and the advanced skills. It will be less than US$5. We think this is a pretty good deal compared to expensive exam preparation.

If you would like to sponsor children to play Exam Elf, or have a suggestion for how we can support Exam Elf, please contact us at ZumFun.