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Exam Elf has been developed to help students, teachers and parents when learning and preparing for Common Core State Standards mathematics test exams. Standardized mathematics testing is used heavily in schools to grade students, determine entry into schools and allocate resources. As the importance of the tests increase, parents invest in test preparation and tutors to give their children an advantage. Doing well at exams is not just a matter of knowing the content; it is also knowing how to do an exam.

Exam Elf teaches the skills needed to most effectively apply learned knowledge and skills in an exam allowing students to maximize their results to the top of their potential. Of course, learning content is critical; but being an expert at taking exams is key to maximum success. Targeted at Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 students, Exam Elf teaches 12 key exam skills in a fun and interactive mobile app at a fraction of the price when compared to private tutoring. Exam Elf provides carefully aligned common core questions from the widely used and tested Kaplan Test Preparation question sets.

Silly mistakes are not an indication of lacking knowledge, they occur from poor exam technique. Exam Elf contains the drills that explicitly and implicitly teaches these key skills.

Questions are based on Specific Skills - Time Management, Focus & Recovery, Checking Your Work, Trick Questions, Question Strategies, Exam Strategies and Experience Skills - Exam Usability, Answer Sheet Usage, Eraser Usage, Number Management, Attention Span, Question Familiarity.