Can You Common Core?

Can You Help Your Child With Common Core Math?

Common Core Math App Exam Elf

Exam Elf – Free Math App Common Core

How Did You Go With These Grade 4 Math Questions?

If like me it’s been a few years since you sat down and actually worked through a series of math questions.  What once came easy to me now looks like secret calculations for a NASA rocket launch and to top it off there’s the new Common Core State Standards to understand!

With the Common Core State Standards Math exams only a matter of weeks away how do you ensure you’re doing everything possible to help your child prepare?  There’s a couple of options as we see it;

1. Pay for a private tutor to cram in some past papers and focus on the content.  The downside is a private tutor can cost anywhere between $25-$50 an hour.  That hour also needs to be at a time convenient for you and the tutor which is usually the same convenient time for every other child!

2. Download Exam Elf, a FREE math app aligned to the Common Core State Standards for students in Grades 4-8.  Exam Elf teaches you the content but more importantly the 12 key academic skills to ace their exams.  The downside is your child will enjoy the interactive and fun app so much they won’t want to stop their math homework!!!!

Exam Elf’s CEO Dr Adam Wootton explains “from our research we’ve learned from students often under perform in testing for a number of reasons including stress, anxiety, time limits and rushing through the exam.”

So, can your child afford to lose a few points due to ‘silly mistakes’ or would you rather they where prepared and feeling confident?

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So, don’t worry if you can’t Common Core, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our short video showcasing Exam Elf.

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