5 Exam Tips To Ace Your Exams

Use These 5 Tips To Ace Your Exams

Our research has shown that students often under perform in testing for a number of reasons including stress, anxiety, time limits and rushing through the exam. We’ve come up with 5 exam tips to help you face exams with confidence.

Tip 1 – Have A Game Plan

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Game Plan

Definition – a strategy worked out in advance, especially in sport, politics, or business.

Let’s examine exam tip number 1.  It’s easy to think you’ve got lots of time to prepare for your exam, which is often weeks and sometimes months away. What actually happens is life gets in the way and you end up cramming for your exams the night before which is proven to be ill fated. Successful people and successful teams have a game plan and it usually starts with the end first. Sit down in a quiet place, look at your calendar and working backwards, set aside regular time slots to focus on learning. Your game plan should include a quiet place free from distractions, somewhere inspiring and comfortable.

Tip 2 – Take Regular Breaks

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Take Regular Breaks

Study in 20-50 minute chunks as it takes time for your brain to form new long-term memories, and you can’t just keep studying flat out. Take 5-10 minute breaks minimum and do something physically active to get your blood flowing and make you more alert.

Tip 3 – Healthy Eating = Healthy Mind

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Healthy Eating = Healthy Mind

A bag of crisps, a bar of chocolate and maybe a can of fizzy drink are easy to prepare and easy to consume but they’ll also quickly give you a ‘sugar rush’ followed by a ‘sugar crash’. As part of your game plan prepare some healthy snacks before you start studying and drink lots of water.  Check out some of these ideas on Pinterest.

Tip 4 – Practice

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Do you remember when you first learnt to ride a bike? It was scary and you had lots to think about. Pedaling forwards, looking up, steering, using the brakes to stop, using the bell and trying not to run into the fence! The second time it came a little easier and after each attempt it became easier and then you found ‘auto pilot’.

Exam Elf is a free app to help you practice 12 key exam skills. Download it here and practice your exam taking skills.

Tip 5 – Sleep

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According to Dr. Philip Alapat, Medical Director, Harris Health Sleep Disorders Center, and assistant professor, Baylor College of Medicine “Memory recall and ability to maintain concentration are much improved when an individual is rested,” he says. “By preparing early and being able to better recall what you have studied, your ability to perform well on exams is increased.”

Feel free to share these tips and let us know what other tips you would add.

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