Learn The Hard Way

Learn The Hard Way

Learning The Hard Way

When Should You Let Your Children Learn The Hard Way?

As parents it’s our job to keep our children safe and we’re constantly telling them that the decisions we make for them are “for their own good”. Sounds familiar right? But when should we let our children learn the hard way?

As adults we have the benefit of hindsight and we easily forget that we too were once children with a keen imagination and knew no limits or boundaries. We didn’t think through the entire situation from beginning to end and weigh up the risk versus reward ratio and make an informed decision. When our parents or teachers weren’t around we tried it. Sometimes we were right and sometimes we were wrong.

Being wrong isn’t bad and shouldn’t be viewed negatively. We should be encouraging our children to think independently and to learn from their own experiences. Sure, I’m not for a minute suggesting we give them the keys to the car and say, “off you go”. What I am saying is we should sometimes let our children learn the hard way.

Empower them to think for themselves, to think through a situation and to consider possible outcomes. We should be open to discussing the lessons learned from their experiences and applaud the right choices and make suggestions on how they could improve or do things differently in the future.

So, stop making all of your children’s decisions because 9 out of 10 times it’s for our own good, not our children’s. Sometimes we should let them learn the hard way.

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