A Fun Recipe For Learning Math

Learning Math

5 Step Recipe For Learning Math

5 Step Recipe For Learning Math

As a child many moons ago I was never engaged with mathematics. I was always slow to grasp the concept, it’s workings and ultimately what use it would serve me as a grown up. I found the ‘one size fits all’ approach to education outdated even back then. Today as a parent, I try to inject math lessons into everyday life and activities and without further ado I share with you my 5-step recipe for learning math!

The hardest part of this process is deciding which scrummy cake you’re going to bake with your child. Let them decide which cake they’d like to bake as this engages more passion and interest.

  1. Write a shopping list of ingredients including amounts and measurements. Try to keep the process systematic and follow the guidance. This part of the process illustrates a structure, a starting point, some calculations, measurements, timings and an eventual result.
  2. Go shopping for the ingredients. Use the list as a reference and look at the package sizing and weight to check you’re buying enough. Keep the receipt for later.
  3. Make and bake the cake following the recipe. Use measuring spoons, cups, jugs etc. Decide what shaped tin you’ll use, round or square?
  4. While the cake is in the oven use the time to clean up and using the receipt calculate with your child the total cost of ingredients. Factor in your time and maybe some energy costs. Decide what you would pay for your cake at your local café either as whole or individual slices. Consider mark up, net and gross profit margins, cost of goods etc.
  5. Cut the cake into equal portions and decide who deserves a slice!

I’ve found by using this simple 5-step recipe my sons have a great interest in learning math and a better understanding of how math applies to our everyday life.

As you sit back and enjoy your cake download our free math app Exam Elf to practice what you’ve just learnt.

Exam Elf

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