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Pizza Night

Are you kidding?! Fun math games?!

So the school week is over and it’s time to forget about school right?  Sure, if you want your child to be ‘okay’ at math. I mean, how many parents do you know that want their child just to be okay at anything they do? That’s right, not many.  So here are a few ideas to keep the brain active and your child learning math with some fun games.

My family are pretty tired after a busy week and with all the extra curricular activities during the week we set aside Friday nights as pizza night.  I’m sure when my two boys are older they’ll want to reconsider which night is family…. I mean pizza night but for now it works well.  As a family, we head off to the supermarket and the negotiations begin. Hawaiian, meat feast, margarita, you get the drift.  To keep their minds active with real world puzzles we ask the boys how many slices total we have with our 3 pizza’s.  We then start asking them subtraction questions like if Daddy has 7 slices how many are left. These fun math games keep the boys busy and also distracted from the toys section!

Driving A Home Run

Saturday morning arrives and we all jump in the car and head to baseball in what can only be described as a tornado.  During our journey we ask the boys what the speed limit is, how long our journey is and how long it should take us to arrive.  We encourage them to think out loud by working through their decision making progress and agree on a final answer before submitting to the judges (Mom & Dad!).  We then ask the boys what angles are involved in a baseball diamond and encourage them to think about the angles between the foul lines, between the pitcher and first base and well, you get the picture.


Of course all good work whether it be activity and/or results should be rewarded.  The boys are given pocket money for anything they’d like to buy with the money they have. They are responsible for their own money, own purchases and must save what change they have for next week’s game.

So, there you have it.  Fun math games to keep your children thinking without knowing that they’re really learning.

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