Supporting Students, Parents and Teachers

Exam Elf Supporting Students, Parents and Teachers

TASA Innovation Zone

Exam Elf Receives Praise For It’s Award Winning App

Supporting Students, Parents and Teachers

Now that the controversial Common Core and TEKS has fizzled out to a small ember from the recent raging fire, Exam Elf takes a moment to reflect on what was an important year in it’s development.

Launched in March 2014, our aim was to bridge the widening gap between those who can afford an advantage in education and those who cannot as highlighted in the Dallas Morning News.  Since then we’ve had over 60,000 thousand questions answered via our iOS math app Exam Elf, some outstanding testimonials and most importantly positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.

In January this year we won a place on the Texas Association of School Administrators Innovation Zone.  This was a huge accolade and acknowledgement of Exam Elf in it’s first year.  After our presentation we had the opportunity to speak directly to those who are on the front line of the hugely controversial changes to the education system.

On returning from the TASA Midwinter Conference we received written feedback from our panel of 5 superintendents.  Here are just a few highlights;

“Exam Elf has an impressive solution that should elicit a positive reaction from educators and parents.”

“The ability to reach out to learners and report to both parents and teachers exhibited a compelling solution above and beyond the anticipated use in the classroom.”

“The panelists liked the platform and service and felt that it was designed with the teacher and learner in mind.”

“The panel agreed that the service would certainly help schools increase teaching and learning.”

This was wonderful feedback to receive as the team behind Exam Elf are passionate, dedicated and committed to supporting students, parents and teachers in education.

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