Exam Elf’s Solution To Improving Test Skills

Improving Test Skills

TASA Feedback

Exam Elf – Improving Test Skills

TASA Major Findings

Earlier this year the team at Exam Elf  presented its math app Exam Elf to a panel of Superintendents at the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA).  The following is an excerpt from the feedback we received about our math app which is committed to improving test skills.

Exam Elf has an impressive solution that should elicit a positive reaction from educators and parents. The panelists were impressed by what they saw and thought this was a cool application. Each panelist reflected that teachers and students would benefit from a better utilization of technology, especially mobile devices, in the classroom. The ability to reach out to learners and report to both parents and teachers exhibited a compelling solution above and beyond the anticipated us in the classroom.

Further, there was agreement around the importance of improving test skills indicating that Exam Elf addresses an effective and useful issue.

We found the TASA presentation and exhibition a very worthwhile experience and it put us on the front line with teachers and administrators.  We took on-board all of the valuable feedback received and have tweaked our exam solution and feel the math app is now even stronger!

If you’re a student, parent or teacher and would like to learn more about how Exam Elf is improving test skills, then visit our website or download the Exam Elf app here.

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