Common Core & TEKS – Disparity In Education

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While presenting to a panel of superintendents at the TASA Midwinter Conference last week we highlighted the above graph, originally posted in the Dallas Morning News 09/30/2014.

It summarizes the difference in dollar value between what the top 10 percent of earners in the US spent on their children’s education compared to the remaining 90 percent before, during and post recession.

For 90 percent of households that amount hovered around $1,000 while the top 10 percent increased the total amount spent to circa $5,500. This is a huge disparity and one of the many reasons why we created Exam Elf!  According to the article pay is surging for SAT tutors, who now average twice the median U.S. hourly wage of $24.45.  This is simply out of reach for the majority of families and its the children who are missing out.

How Exam Elf Can Help You With Common Core Or TEKS

Exam Elf is a completely FREE math app for students and teachers. Our mission is to close the gap between the have’s and have nots.

As the Common Core and TEKS exam season is almost upon us why not try out Exam Elf for your child, student or teacher.  You can learn more here;

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