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Which grades are supported by Exam Elf

Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 are all supported.

How do we know the questions are aimed at the correct grades?

Exam Elf has partnered with Learningpod to provide questions which are well tested and are benchmarked to the correct grades. The questions come from the well tested and widely used Kaplan Test Preparation question sets.

Are the questions aligned to the Common Core?

Yes. The questions used in Exam Elf come from Learningpod, which has access to the Kaplan Test Preparation questions. All of these questions are carefully aligned to key Common Core areas to ensure that everything is Common Core compliant.

Why do you need to “pull in” the Answer Sheet on the iPhone? This isn’t very intuitive.

You are correct that this is not intuitive. With the proliferation of touch screens and context sensitive answers, we normally expect to just touch the correct answer on the screen to answer the question. However, this is not how tests work. In a machine marked test, students need to read the questions on one sheet and then give their answer in another. They need to remember the answer (A, B, C or D) and put this on the Answer Sheet out of context to the question. This is difficult and unintuitive for most users. BUT, much better to learn in Exam Elf than on exam day!

Jimmy, the Distraction Hamster seems to be just fun. What good does he do?

Distraction hamster is fun, and he is very distracting. We know he will distract students and cause them to lose focus. However, examination rooms can be distracting places as well, from restroom breaks to sneezes to students asking questions – distractions will happen. It is really important that a student starts to learn how to deal with distractions, and become productive as quickly as possible after them. Distraction Hamster distracts them while they work, but they need to become productive quickly after the distraction to be able to pass the level in time.