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Exam Elf is a free STAAR/PARCC math resource that teaches students all the skills that they need to perform to their potential in mathematics exams. Exam Elf teaches 12 key skills which are needed to apply a student's knowledge effectively in an exam and is Common Core aligned using the Kaplan Test Preparation questions.

Teachers are facing more challenges with less resources and support. Exam Elf quickly and easily allows teachers to monitor and review individual student's learning via the dedicated Exam Elf teacher's interface. This time-saving feature allows teachers to tailor their feedback and set appropriate homework for individual students.

The teacher interface has:

Teachers take on many roles for their students. They dispense knowledge, explain concepts and shape the adults of the future. However, in recent years, teachers have come under increasing pressure to become test tutors as well. Standardized testing has proliferated and increased in importance to the point where teachers are now forced to take valuable classroom time to teach students how to perform to their best in exams. This is exacerbated when some students go through hothouse test prep courses. Teachers feel the need to ensure the playing field is level and other students are taught how to take the tests.

The Teacher's interface for Exam Elf (also free!) allows a teacher to track the performance of all the students in their class, and also the aggregated performance.

Even better, Exam Elf is available for the students to use at home, so that the teacher can have the confidence that their class is well prepared for their exams, and focus on teaching them the content they need to know.

Class Summary Report

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  • See all your students at a glance
  • See the questions that the class find difficult
  • Filter by recent and all time performance

Strengths & Weaknesses Report

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  • Identify individual strengths
  • Understand class weaknesses
  • Tailor your teaching to the needs of your students